News - October Newsletter 2017

Hi Folks,
We're just days away from starting our new season with our annual "Show And Sell" open house outside LEMA this Saturday. Verla and I leave Niagara Falls tomorrow morning for Lorton Virginia to catch Friday's Auto train. If the train is on time, we will arrive in Sanford by 9 a.m. Saturday. We'll be just in time to drop some stuff at the house and join everyone at the museum. All members are welcome to set up a table or tent to display, demonstrate or sell their art. If you are not setting up, we hope you will drop by to say hello, pay your membership fee and see the programs being offered for this year. Thanks Krysta for setting up an interesting program for this season.

In other news, please note that our long time secretary, Dorothy Lamb has had to resign because she will not be able to return to Eustis as early as she planned. Taking minutes at the meetings and at the monthly board meetings is not a hard job. (We keep it simple) Please consider volunteering for this position. If you are willing to try, please speak to one of the executive on Saturday or by email or phone.

Thanks Mary Ramirez for producing another fine newsletter. Click the link to open it or download to your computer. Or, you can find it under Newsletters on our website:

Looking forward to seeing everyone again.