Kelley Batson Howard

I am a mostly self-taught, intuitive artist who loves using texture, pattern, layers, and brilliant color in a combination that makes the viewer want to reach out and touch. I love seeing how the paints and different mediums work together on the canvas to create those textures and patterns. I like digging beneath the surface to the different layers of paint that lie down under it all. I am a water person and find blues and greens always seem to make their way to my canvas. I’m working to widen my palette, but…
I work intuitively and let my spirit guide what happens on the canvas. My desire is that my paintings give the viewer a glimpse of Gods magnificence and glory while uplifting their spirit. While I got a late start following my passion, I am working hard daily to catch up and share my talents with all who see them.

Here is a link to my Facebook art page:

Also, I'm on Instagram as @kbatsonart

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