News - December News 2019

Hi Folks,
Christmas is approaching quickly. We hope to see many of you at our meeting this Saturday. Our annual Christmas party is always a lot of fun. Members and guests who bring a wrapped gift will participate in the "Yankee Auction". In this game, everyone chooses a number. The person who holds number 1 opens a gift. Number 2 may "steal" the opened gift or open another. Each subsequent player can choose to steal an opened gift or open a new one.

Also, members may bring a few of their favourite Christmas treats or finger foods to share. Punch will be provided.

Attached to this email you will find the December newsletter and the rules and application for our annual show. We will also have some printed copies of the show application at the meeting. The deadline for applying is Feb. 1st. but you are free to enter anytime before then. Rates are still $10 per entry. Please note, the maximum size this year is 36" x 36" including frame.