News - October 2019 Newsletter

Hi Folks,
I hope everyone had an artsy summer. Verla and I are packing our bags and plan to be in Florida for the meeting this Saturday. Attached to this email you will find our first newsletter of the new season. Due to a computer glitch losing an email Mary didn't get a couple of minor changes to the newsletter. I have to send it now before shutting down so no time to resend. Here are the two additions/changes:

1. Meeting time for combined meeting and workshops goes to 4:30.

2. We still need speakers and presenters for 3 of our meetings. We welcome suggestions for presenters or workshops that you would like to see.

Also, please note the format we are trying this year. The business/announcement portion of the meeting will be very short. Then the presenter will do a short demo. After the demo, some people may choose to leave while others stay and pay $20 for the workshop that will run to 4:30. This month we welcome Richard Colvin who will demonstrate painting with palette knives followed by a hands-on workshop. For more information or a list of things you need to bring, check out the Workshop menu on our website:

Workshops are limited to 12-15 participants. If you want to guarantee a spot, contact Eileen Hinkle and register in advance.

Finally, please note the printmaking open house listed in the newsletter. This will be a good preview before Jenny does her workshop at our November meeting.

Happy creating,