Events - March 2020 meeting

Susan Grogan will demonstate how to paint watercolors on rice paper. Following the presentation, she will direct a workshop on these techniques. The fees for the workshop are $20 for members and $30 for non-members. There will be an additional fee for the rice paper. Bring your favorite watercolor supplies. The number of participants is limited to 10. To reserve your spot, contact Eileen Hinkle at or phone 317-462-7360.

Please note the change in location due to election voting in our regular meeting room.
We will hold the meeting in the GARDEN ROOM at the Eustis Recreation Department facility at 2214 Bates Avenue.

Here is the supply list if you plan to take the workshop:
Supply List for Rice Paper Painting
*Watercolor paper 140lb any kind- I will be painting on a 7 ½” x 11 ¼” Bring several if you like.
*Masa paper- Japanese rice paper. I will have some to buy if you need it
*Each student will receive 1 masa paper glued to watercolor paper ready to paint.
*Elmer’s glue
* A brush for glue, not your good watercolor brushes
*Palette and watercolor paint
*Watercolor brushes -any
*Water container
*Paper towels
*Cool Whip container to soak rice paper
*Foam paint roller
*Hair dryer if you have one
*Graphite paper to transfer image
*Pencil and eraser
*If you have them, you can also bring watercolor pencils and Micron pen, if you want to add ink to your painting.
*You can bring your own reference photos if you like. Flowers, grapes, birds, or landscape will work well. We will be painting a pink flamingo. I will have something to trace and reference photo of the flamingo. You can use any watercolor paints you have. I will be using:
New Gamboge Hansa Yellow
Burnt Umber Quin Gold
Permanent Rose Scarlet Lake
Ultramarine Blue Sap Green (Da Vinci)
Permanent Alizarin Crimson Violet
Cerulean Blue Cobalt Violet