Painting Portraits in Pastel and other media

Learn to paint portraits in pastel and other media. Deborah Shelley will demonstrate her techniques of portrait painting at the November meeting and then help you practice your techniques at this workshop.

Location: LEMA meeting room, 1 W. Orange Ave., Eustis, FL

Saturday, November 17, 2018, 1:30 to 4:30 PM.

$30 members
$35 non-members

Register by contacting:
Eileen Hinkle, (317) 462-7360

Or sign up at the October or November meeting.

Materials list for PORTRAITS IN PASTEL -- we will provide materials if you don't have them

1. Charcoal, vine and pencil
optional - charcoal powder.

2. Graphite in stick or pencil form

3. Pastels - any colors you might have
preferably in three values, dark, medium, and light

4. Conte crayon - three colors either:
black, grey, and white or
three shades of sanguine (reddish orange) dark, medium and light.

5. Kneaded eraser a must
optional Faber Castell Magic Rub white eraser

6. 1" Fan brush; or any 1" light brush

7. Newsprint Pad with at least 40 or 50 pages
Size 12 x 14 or 16 x 20

8. Sanded paper or Mi-teintes pastel paper cut into four equal pieces

9. Bring an 8" x 10" example of any portrait drawing (masters or contemporary).